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Crafting Commercial Kitchen Visions: Unveiling the
Essence of North Star Food Consulting.

More than 25 Years in Service.

We Understand Your Needs

North Star Food Consulting: Your one stop destination for Top Commercial Kitchen
We’re Experts in Commercial Kitchen Equipment – Check Our List, Compare
Prices. From Hotels to Cloud Kitchens, We Craft Culinary Spaces.

Our Infrastructure

Within our 5000-square-yard facility, Northstar Food Consulting oversees commercial kitchen equipment creation, from design to inspection. Experts in precision, producing various items like commercial burners and valves.

Our Core Values

Honesty: Honesty serves as the cornerstone of our trustworthiness and integrity in business.
Integrity:Upholding integrity means always striving to solve our customers’ problems ethically.
Excellence: A commitment to excellence underscores all our endeavors, ensuring the highest standards.

Our Commitment

At Northstar Food Consulting, our commitment revolves around delivering commercial kitchens that are synonymous with reliability and efficiency. Our unwavering dedication to quality and safety remains steadfast, as we aim to showcase our expertise, fair pricing, and unparalleled customer care. Our vision is to cultivate enduring partnerships that extend far beyond individual projects.

From Kitchen Concepts to Execution.

North Star Food Consulting is your reliable partner from idea to reality. We know how vital it is to make your vision happen within deadlines and budgets, all while maintaining quality. Our solutions are both visually appealing and practical, guaranteeing smooth operations that match your industry’s needs.
But our commitment doesn’t end with design – it extends to sustainability. We incorporate eco-friendly methods into our solutions, showcasing our belief in responsible cooking. Through waste management tactics and energy-saving designs, we strive to craft commercial kitchen areas that are both environmentally aware and impressive.

Beyond Expectations, Ahead of Time: Our Timely Delivery Promise for Your Culinary Vision


Eternal Kitchen Care: Our Lifetime Maintenance Warranty Ensures Your Vision Shines Bright


Culinary Mastery Backed by unparalleled Industry Support

Global Kitchen Nexus: Unveiling Our Network

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