Central Kitchen

A central kitchen, also known as a commissary kitchen or a production kitchen, is a specialized food preparation facility designed for large-scale production and standardization of food items. These central kitchens are typically used by catering companies, restaurant chains, food delivery businesses, or institutions like schools and hospitals. The primary purpose is to prepare and produce food in bulk to maintain consistency and quality across multiple locations or outlets.


North Star Food Consulting excels in designing and equipping central kitchens, offering a range of services to ensure efficient and hygienic food production with a focus on standardization

Equipment Manufacturing

North Star can manufacture customized kitchen equipment to suit the specific needs of central kitchens. This includes industrial ovens, large-scale food processors, and refrigeration systems designed for high-volume production.

Kitchen Design and Layout

They create efficient and ergonomic layouts for central kitchens, ensuring that the space is optimized for bulk food production. This includes the arrangement of cooking equipment, food prep areas, storage, and assembly stations for seamless workflow.

Hygiene and Safety

North Star prioritizes hygiene and safety in central kitchen design. They ensure that the kitchen layout and equipment choices comply with health and safety regulations, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring food safety.


Central kitchens rely on standardized processes and recipes to maintain consistency across multiple outlets. North Star can help develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure that all food items are prepared the same way every time.

Process-Based Planning

North Star designs central kitchens with a process-based approach to optimize workflow. This includes efficient ingredient storage, food preparation, cooking, assembly, and packaging stations to reduce production times and enhance productivity.

Quality Control

They establish quality control measures to monitor the production process, ensuring that food quality meets the established standards. This may include taste testing, visual inspection, and temperature monitoring.

Consultation and Expansion

For businesses looking to expand their central kitchen operations, North Star provides consultation and support in designing and setting up additional kitchen spaces while maintaining the same level of efficiency and quality.

North Star’s Mastery in Central Kitchen Design and Specialized Equipment Manufacturing

In summary, North Star Food Consulting’s expertise in designing central kitchens and manufacturing specialized equipment makes them an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline large-scale food production. Their services encompass equipment customization, layout design, process-based planning, quality control, and a strong emphasis on hygiene and safety, ensuring that central kitchens operate with efficiency, consistency, and the highest standards of food production.