Electric Ranges

Electric Ranges are becoming the need of the hour for Corporate and Mall spaces and are replacing LPG Ranges rapidly. Starting from Ovens to Electric Deep Fryers to Bain Marie ,have a look at our range of products in this segment.


Ideal equipment for grilling toasting and reheating. Instant heating and faster recovery time are the specialty of this unit. Standard size: 30x18x14

Bain Marie

Way to keep food Steaming hot. Complete Stainless Steel Construction. sets up a standard for fast food Restaurants. AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT DESIGNS AND SIZES AS PER THE REQUIREMENT.

Twin Basket Deep Fat Fryer

Equipment that uniformly fries with speed and hygiene and avoids fuming of oil by controlled temperature. Thus becomes a real money saver. Stainless steel oil chamber, and top panels with lift-able heating element with perfect electrical system.

Table top Deep Fat Fryer

Equipment that Uniformly fries with speed and Hygiene and Avoids fuming of by controlled Temperature . Thus becomes A real money saver . Stainless Steel oil chamber , and top panels with Liftable heating elements and perfect Electrical system.SINGLE/TWIN/TRIPLE…

Pick up counter

An SS counter table along with Over head shelves fitted with Heating element to keep the food warm at the time of pick-up. A necessary requirement for Restaurant and Hotel kitchens. Available in different sizes as per the demand.

Idli Steamer

Compact Counter-top, Most Attractive Idli Maker for Instant Steaming of idlis.Ideal for fast food Restaurants and Industrial Units. Stainless Steel dies – Pressed Idli trays to Produce 54 Idlis at one time. Standard Size : 15″x14″x24″ht .

Hot case counter

Stainless steel body, aesthetically designed along with ease in customization as per the requirement generally placed at heavy foot fall locations for express service. Available in different sizes and models.