With the advent of the new century, various predictions came into play, the most interesting one was ‘Food Trends 2020’ deciphering which food is going to rule the belly as it rules the mind. Be it quarantine or no quarantine, the majority of the people have a busy life and the hustle-bustle has become part of the daily routine.

Therapeutic Trends

2019’s most searched and ordered foods revealed how important it is for people to feel good about what they eat and order. This is, in turn, driving an even greater increase in health-conscious dining. There is no doubt that there has been a substantial increase in plant-based diets world over, obviously, the current pandemic has been a big booster, but also more ‘instagrammable’ food is being ordered.

Amidst a chaotic start to 2020, food has been chosen as a resort by the majority of the population. While one preps the food, the mind and soul are focused on the rhythmic mixing of ingredients that come to life as a wholesome treat to the eyes. The food reaches the plate and then to one’s taste buds giving a sense of joy and accomplishment.

Cooking is a good stress buster and is known to have therapeutic qualities, helping in coping up with depression and mental issues, it curbs negative thinking and boost confidence and is a fantastic way to motivate people to get together and socialize.

Adapting to New Trends

Having a gathering and partying with your friends might have taken a back seat, but food lovers are socializing through ‘Virtual Dinner Parties’. It is evident from the spike in social users across various platforms like Zoom video conferencing, YouTube, Facebook, and the famous hashtags like #quarantinefood which has 52k posts and counting.

Even big names, like The New York Times, are posting about food apart from the various pandemic updates. They recently posted a recipe of “World’s Best Chocolate Cake” A.K.A “world’s easiest cake”, as it requires nothing more than a large bowl to make it all in. These quarantine food adaptations have led to easy cooking techniques with 5-6 ingredients cooked for almost an hour and served on your plate.

The Indian market has adapted to different types of cuisines from the world over. The lit and musical lanes of Manali serve many Israeli dishes- Humus and warmed pita bread, Shakshuka featuring poached eggs in a hearty tomato pepper sauce- and their fusion is available in a variety of Indian pubs and restaurants. The Mediterranean Mazze Platter is an easy, fun, and colorful snake board with dips such as Humus and Tzatziki, this combination can be eaten as appetizers or a light meal and Indian taste buds have a craving for it.

Incredible India is going mad over western delicacies like waffles, pancakes, to such an extent that one has witnessed the emergence of brands on these concepts. Western sweets and delicacies have discovered a way to warm our hearts. A sunny and sweet pancake with fruits and honey brings delight to the soul, with just 15 minutes of prep time.

Foodies are preferring healthy bites with a twist, Avocado with parched eggs and salad, Beetroot which has various health benefits (Good blood flow, decrease in blood pressure, Vitamin C, etc.) is the key ingredient infusions like beetroot rice, beetroot and carrot juice, beetroot, and tomato soup as well as salads.

Quick Delivery Trends

Along with fusion food, the food trends are gravitating towards convenience and quick service formats. The on-time delivery capabilities by varied platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber eats are providing cost-effective hot meals chosen from an ocean of restaurants. As more and more customers except on-demand ordering, big as well as small players have struck deals with food delivery start-up to ensure greater reach and retain their existing consumer base.

And because of the adaptations of these amazing food trends in the Indian market and world over, restaurants, cloud kitchens along with varied delivery platform are satisfying our taste buds with quick deliveries and will rule the belly in the times to come.

Written By,

Avni Sablok