LPG Ranges

Food grade Stainless Steel, aesthetically fabricated to produce sturdy and beautiful equipment fitted with in house commercial burner which has better efficiency than any burner in the market.


Heavy Duty Single HP Burner, Low Slung for heavy and Large Utensils. Perfectly Designed with Stainless Steel top and Provided with Spillage tray for Easy Collection of Refuse. Standard Size : 24″ x 24″ x 24″ ht.

Two Burner Range

Convenient height cooking platform to facilitate bulk cooking. Offered with custom-built Design, size. Operated from 1 side or both sites. Top / front control panels of Stainless Steel with a heavy frame structure. Standard Size : 48″ x 24″ x 34″ ht.

Three Burner Range

Covinient height cooking platform to facilitate bulk cooking . Offered with custom built Design , size . Operated from 1 side or both sites . Top / front control panels of Stainless Steel with Aluminium panels and heavy frame structure.

4 Burner Range with Oven

This range is known as a continental range and consists of 4 low pressure burners along with an oven beneath it. Oven comes in both LPG and Gas Range. Designed in complete Food grade SS body along with temperature controller for Electric Oven.

Bulk Cooker

Double jacketed SS chamber for economical and speedy bulk cooking. An efficient machine that saves gas and brings standardization to the cooking methodology. Comes both in gas as well as electric model. Available in different sizes starting from 50ltrs, 100ltrs and…

Dosa Plate

Sets the Standard for Evenly heated Preparation on thick MS plate. Stainless Steel front Control Panels and Grease Through for Collecting Excess Oil. All Set in a Sturdy frame. Electric or LPG models in Sizes 31″ x 24″ x 34″ ht and 43″ x 24″ x 34″ ht. and Custom built.

Chapatti Plate with Puffer

A mild steel Tawa along with puffer to make puffed chappatis for the bulk requirement. SS body along with heavy-duty V shape burners. Available in tabletop as well as the stand-alone model. Standard size: 48x24x34

Chinese Range

Aptly Designed for Authentic Chinese Delicacies . extra high Pressure Burner with Specially Designed cast Iron Vessel rest speeds up Preperation .OFFERED WITH CUSTOM BUILT DESIGN, SIZE.


Tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. The tandoor is used for cooking in all over India. Standared Size : 24″ x 24″ , 30″ x 30″ , 34″ x 34″

Tilting Bratt Pan

Accelerate the cooking speed with efficient energy costs, high performance and without burning or scorching brings hygiene and standardization in cooking. Double jacketed SS chamber along with spring loaded lid, smooth and sturdy tiltng mechanism installed with all…

Hot Plate with Griddle

An evenly heated preparation on thick MS plate sets the standard for evenly cooking. Stainless steel body, legs and front control panel along with oil collection chamber that drips while cooking.


Professional rugged baking equipment made heavy duty SS body and MS enamelled chamber for even heat distribution. Insulated with thick mineral glass wool with electric temperature display to control the heat. One of the best equipment of Jindal, available in gas as…