Marketing & Branding.

Strategy and Phase wise Marketing Plan​

Once the project gets started, now there is a need for you to market out, to bring new customers at your restaurant or tempt them to order online. Every established restaurant runs on their loyal customer base that is only built through standardized processes and strong brand identity. There is a need for Phase wise Marketing plan that targets in Customer Acquisition, Retain them through Re-Marketing and Generate a set of loyal customer data base.

Northstar Food Consulting with the team of professionals gives you a strategy and phase wise marketing plan that concentrates on:-

Creating Strong Brand Identity

Brand identity is the combination of company’s vision, mission and core values that is communicated through company’s logo, Creative designs, Food Photography, Tone, Menu, Social Media, Packaging design etc. Also, there is a need for a differentiator, a niche that helps you to provide the right edge. NorthStar Food Consulting with its team of professionals helps to create the strong brand identity and identify the niche that helps you to stand out from your competitors in the market.

Offline and Online Hyper-local Activities and Buzz Creation

After the Brand Identity is created the next step is Customer Acquisition. There is a need to target local audience and create buzz around the market, both through online and offline medium that compels the customer to try out our food. This targeting is combination of Hyper-local activities like Pamphlet distribution, Promotional Events, Free Give-aways, Loyalty Programs etc for Offline Medium and Influencer Marketing on Social Media Platforms, Sponsored Advertisements on Google, Social media Promotions, Targeted Marketing on Third Party Portals like Zomato and Swiggy.

Social Media and Google

In today’s time when everyone is online, there is a need to have a strong online presence on Social Media platforms and search engines like Google. Social Media and Google are the cheapest form of marketing and when utilized wisely, brings out the desired results. Northstar with the help of their Social Media Experts designs a Social Media Calendar for you to post on a regular basis and tracks down the analysis for regular updates. Google is said to be separate revenue generator. Effective utilization of Google Platform through SEO, Ad-words, Blogs helps to target the right audience at the right time.

Brand Reputation Management on Other Third Party Portals

Your brand reputation on third party platforms consists of three elements, Reviews and Ratings, Photographs, What are people talking about the most for your restaurant. These days everything is transparent for the consumer and the future of a restaurant is determined by ratings and reviews given to you by your customers. Brand Reputation Management on third party portals like Zomato, Swiggy, Trip Advisor etc becomes integral part of your Brand Identity that helps you to connect with the right audience.