Project Consultation and Advisory

Project Consultation and Advisory

You want to open up a Restaurant or a Take-Away or a Cloud Kitchen or maybe anything we will help you to make it a success by providing you consultation based on research and facts that will have a very logical path. Our processed based approach and articulated documentation will provide transparency and logical decision making at every point in the project.

Our team of professionals provide complete consultation starting from


There is a need for a differentiator, a USP or a niche that will help your venture to rise above all. With a series of Brain Storming sessions, the seed idea needs to be nurtured and see the light of practicality. Based on your ideas and our expertise, we develop a Presentation document for you that has the Look and Feel, Budgeting according to phases, Project Execution with a timeline from its inception till the date of commencement.

Project Budget Sheet

The project is basically divided into different phases starting from the stage of Ideation and Conceptualization to Project Setup phase and finally to the Operations phase. Depending upon the Project and Chosen Format, We provide you with a detailed Budget Sheet for every phase for un-interrupted smooth flow of operations during the Project Setup Phase as well as at the time of operations for next one year.

Menu Making and Menu Engineering

There is a need to understand the market and customer psyche in order to make an effective menu. In this modern era of the technology-based world, Human Behaviour towards consumer products is changing. Old restaurant-style menus have advanced into Meals and Combos, Fusion and Convenience is the key. Our team of enthusiasts study the market psyche and develop a menu that has a key differentiator element that helps you to stand out and create your own identity.

Project Designing and Equipment Supply

After the completion of the Conceptualization phase, Budgeting phase and Menu Designing, comes the Designing and Equipment supply phase. Our Company’s core strength lies in making cost-effective and Optimum design for your project, along with detailed kitchen Layout plans with Electrical, Plumbing, Gas pipeline, Exhaust Ducting and Fresh Air having the Bill of Material for the project. With a team of engineered professionals and our own manufacturing space to make kitchen equipment, we have the flexibility to work as per the project’s requirement and client’s budget.

Advisory in Recruitment of Resource

A company is as good as its team members. Apart from the skill, it is very important to have the trust and loyalty of the employee towards the company. Also, in this competitive world, there is a need to have the right fit for your project. We provide you with detailed Job Description and Job Responsibility document for entire kitchen staff and advise you in recruitment process. In the Initial phase of the project there is a need to develop core team for the project and under this core team, training module is developed for the newly joined. Our team works with the core team to develop Recipe modules and set basic kitchen processes.

SOPs for Kitchen Processes

A kitchen needs to work on Standardized Processes in order to achieve consistent quality, Colour, Texture, Taste and Aroma every time. These Standardized Processes become the benchmark for the company’s operations. We provide you with Formats and Manuals for every department in your company starting from Procurement, Kitchen Production Plan, Opening and Closing process, Waste Management for your kitchen department. Apart from this we also provide processes for Marketing and Sales, Business Analysis that helps the owner in smooth decision making.

Strategy and Phase wise plan for Marketing and Sales

After your setup is done, now the key thing on which the company’s fate is relied on is Sales and Marketing. We, after understanding your model, present you a pragmatic phase wise plan which includes Marketing activities both online and offline, Sales through tie-ups and Promotional Event Activities to create Buzz around the market.