Store Area Equipment

We deal in Imported Store Area Equipment that is important for profit generation.

Weighing scale

An equipment/ machine that tells the weight of the product in grams, a mandatory equipment at the store.

Potato and Onion Bin

A rectangular cube designed as per the size, with heavy bottom slope and sides made of wire mesh for breathing.

Atta/ Maida Bin trolley

Atta/ Maida storage bin with castors on it is convenient for transportation from one department to other. Available in different sizes and shapes.

Platform Trolley for material transportation

Efficient worker for transportation of daily material within the kitchen as well as outside the kitchen. Heavy gauge SS bottom with raised edges, reinforced by MS angle frame, mounted on heavy-duty casters. Standard size : 36x24x12+30

Dunnage racks

A stainless steel pipe platform to keep all the sack of staples to prevent direct contact from the ground. A necessary requirement for a dry store. Standard size : 36x12x12

MS Slotted Angle Racks for storage

MS rack with adjustable shelving system that can be assembled and dismantled whenever required. A necessity for store area to stack all the groceries. Can be made in customized sizes as well depending on the size of the store. Standard size : 36x18x72