Tables, Cabinets and Trolleys

A set of Stainless steel furniture items like Tables, Counters and Trolleys that helps in miscellaneous ways both inside and outside the kitchen.

Spreader table

High Utility product ensures hygienic cutting, chopping, sorting and general purpose usage. Heavy gauge, perfectly sound deadened, stainless steel top for low noise level. Optional splash guard, undershelves and drawers.

Helping table

Stainless steel top guided by MS angle frame that can be used as a helping table for a range. Multi-purpose table for storing, cutting, chopping, etc. Designed as per the requirement.

Cutting and Chopping table

A cutting and chopping table at the preparation area of kitchen equipment has got sink along with tabletop. Heavy-duty SS top with sound deadening fit with R/O water tap connection.

Cabinet Table

Cabinet table is a multi-purpose table that functions as a cabinet as well as its top can be used as a table. Heavy duty, aesthetically designed to fit for purpose. Available in different sizes

Wall Mounted Cabinet

For constraint in space, effective utilization of space is a must. Wall mounted cabinets made of SS along with bottom and middle shelf makes a lot of room for Daily store requirement at the kitchen.

Wall shelves

Stainless steel shelf mounted strategically at the kitchen walls to keep the things.

Masala Trolley

Masala trolley is an effective way of transporting masalas from one kitchen department to another which at times is a hassle and troublesome job.